Is your true self sleeping?  Let us help you wake up! 


Partner with Mary Clare Sweet, Yoga Life Coach, Anne Sweet, Life Empowerment Coach for this powerful series that will teach you mindful tools that empower you to achieve real change.

You have the opportunity now to uncover a power inside that is accessed by the reaches of your imagination. Your individual journey inward will spark a fire that lights the way for your friends, your family, and your future.

Your true self is sleeping but is ready to awaken as we travel with you on this journey...we call this the "divine awakening." We will assist your journey with ancient practices and modern tools. It will be inquisitive, fun, profound, auspicious, serious, and revolutionary


Our Services

We want to create a higher vibrational lifestyle for you!  Through coaching, diet, journaling and meditation we want to create strong imprints in your life that help you on your path to greatness!  Our modern Yogic Knowledge and philosophy are the basis for all of our services!  

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High Vibe Diet 

Let us create a superfoods diet that will create vibrations in your body to make change!  Can food also help you reach your dreams?  The answer is YES!!  We can help you get stronger!  These superfoods ward off illness and make you  healthier!  Eating food that create change in the body will help you sleep better!  You will discover a foodie lifestyle that will assist you on your journey to reach your  goals.  Our Fiduciary Statement »

Weekly Meditation Series

Our meditation series are guided session to get you calm but we also have meditation sessions that will get your heart pumping!  Are you tired of not being able to connect while trying to meditate?  We use platforms that match your lifestyle to help you reach inner awareness and shift towards a higher vibrational life!  

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Our Practice

We are different than most life coaches because we fit all of our services based on your personal desires from the heart!  All of our coaching sessions are based on energy vibes from your chakra system.  


You are alive, embrace your life and enjoy it.  Your birthright is to be happy, to love, and to share your Love.  
Be present. Take risks. Be weird. Enjoy. This is all that matters.

— Anne & Mary Clare Sweet


Vibes that Rock! 

Meet some of our rockstar players who have made the shift to live a high vibrational lifestyle!  .